Give the Gift of Health this Christmas!

The ULTIMATE gift of health is Juice Plus+!  For anyone in your life that you love and care about.


How does your garden grow?  Mine grows YEAR ROUND with no soil and no weeds! Give the gift of fresh food with Tower Garden. Jessica Alba loves hers!



Have a tea lover in your life?  The absolute BEST place to get great tea and tea related gifts is at Shineworthy Fine Teas!! They are located here in Antioch, TN, but can ship anywhere, so make sure you check them out online.


Why I’m a Selfie Queen and You Should Be Too

Look around at any given location and I can bet that you’ll see someone taking a selfie (and most likely it’s me! ;) ). We are definitely seeing the selfie generation! Have you seen the story about the sorority girls at the baseball game? The announcers just couldn’t wrap their heads around why they would be taking selfies and not watching the game. (I love the girls’ response by the way) And for as many selfies as I see posted online, I see just as many people screaming for us to stop (just like those baseball announcers). Continue reading