Believe Me, I Get It!

In talking to a few new clients this week, I realized that a lot of you haven’t known me very long. You have only seen where I am now in my health journey.  Many of you may think that I can’t relate to where you are now, but believe me, I get it!  I have come a LONG way in my health journey over the last seven years, and some of you don’t really know where I started. So I’m going to share my beginning with you today… Continue reading

New Beginnings

Its April 1 and spring in definitely in the air here in Nashville! I typically see an increase in class attendance in the month of April because the warmer weather and longer days reminds us that summer is just around the corner. In just 60 days most kids are out of school and families are ready for grilling, picnics and swimming! Wait, swimming?! I’m not ready! What have I been doing all winter?! :) If this is what just went through your mind, then this post is for you. ;)

April 1 is the perfect time to make some small changes to your diet and exercise regiment to help you feel more confident this summer! Seasoned fitness enthusiasts can tweak just a little to help them break a plateau, and beginners this is the perfect time to get started! And can’t we ALL do a little better with our eating habits?

My tips for taking advantage of April and its new beginnings: Continue reading