Let’s Be Real

I LOVE visuals – did you know I was actually a professional photographer for 10 years? Images are powerful – they can inspire us, they can provoke us, they can sadden or anger us, they can excite us, they trigger memories – a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I’m super excited about a vision board party that I’m going to tomorrow night. Have you ever made a vision board? Why are they so powerful? IMAGES! The images that we put in our brains every day influence not only our thoughts, but our actions.  Having a visual in front of us that creates an emotional response is a great way to help us stay motivated to reach our goals! But, y’all, let’s be real! What images are we letting into our heads regarding our bodies?  Are they motivating us or creating an unattainable goal? Continue reading

Go Green at Every Meal

During my clean eating challenge groups, I focus a lot on getting in more veggies.  During the first few weeks of the group I always challenge them to eat a vegetable with every meal.  “Even at breakfast?!” is usually the response I get.  🙂 YES! Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. #clichebutTRUE 😉

IMG_7832We don’t often think of veggies with breakfast, but there are some super simple and super yummy ways to add in our greens at breakfast.  My favorite way is with a smoothie.  I just love how much nutrition we can pack into a blender – and it comes out with a quick, yummy and portable meal!  You can read more about why smoothies are so amazing here.

Another super easy way to get in the greens in the morning is in eggs. You really can put any veggies you want into your scrambled eggs, or turn it into a veggie omelet!  (tip: when your little ones are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, make THESE green eggs instead of adding green food coloring for a super fun and HEALTHY celebration!)

Check out this video of the eggs I made this morning: