Weekly Challenge – 6.22.10

Last week we did a different cardio exercise every day.  This week strength train a different body part each day!

Suggested Split:

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Chest

Thursday – Back

Friday – Shoulders, Abs

Saturday – Arms (Biceps and Triceps)


  • Chest: bench press, chest press machine, pushups, pec deck machine
  • Back: seated row machine, back extensions, lat pulldowns, lawnmowers
  • Shoulders: overhead press, lateral raise, front raise
  • Biceps: bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls
  • Triceps: tricep extensions, dips, kickbacks
  • Legs: Squats, lunges, leg press machines, deadlifts, calf raises
  • Abs: crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, pelvic tilts

Ready, Set, GO!!


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