Labor Day Eats

The summer is coming to a close this weekend. 😦 It’s time for one last barbeque! Can you enjoy your holiday weekend and still eat clean? Of course you can! Here are some recipes I posted this summer to help keep your celebration clean AND yummy!

Here is a great recipe for Clean Barbeque Sauce posted by Clean Eating Club.They also posted a great article about Grilling Vegetable and Fruit.  Grilling up some fresh veggies is a great way to add flavor and substance to your bbq without adding calories and, well, junk!

What man doesn’t love to fire up the barbecue? There is something primitive and tough about hot coals, fire, and cooking outdoors. Trade greasy, heart-attack-on-a-plate burgers for these juicy, delicious and Clean Bison Burgers from The Eat Clean Diet. Visit your local butcher to select the best ground bison. You can also use lean ground beef, or lean ground turkey.

What goes better with a burger than fries? Try these Clean Sweet Potato Friesfrom clean eating online, and you might never go back to old ones!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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