Weekly Challenge – 10.4.10

Squat Thrusts

This is an excellent total body exercise! Start off standing with feet hip width apart. Squat down putting your hands near your feet, jump your legs back behind you,(so it looks like you are going to do a push up), jump them back forward to your hands, then stand up (you can add a jump here, and reach for the sky). Repeat. There are several variations of this move for all fitness levels. Check out this instructional VIDEO for variations.

Beginners – 30 squat thrusts everyday (beginner version okay)
Intermediate – 60 squat thrusts everyday (beginner version without box is okay)
Advanced – 100 squat thrusts everyday (correct version only, add a jump and reach at the end for even more advanced)

Remember you don’t have to do them all at once, spread it out during the day. Sets of ten are a good goal. Ready, set, GO!!


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