Hether“Hether, in a word, has changed my life!  She gave me the confidence and knowledge to mentally and physically prepare to start taking care of myself. I can always count on her to answer any questions I have regarding fitness and nutrition.  She is an inspiration and I look up to her.”

— Rachel Hollis

“I met Hether 13 weeks ago when I joined the Biggest Loser challenge at church.  I wasn’t expecting a lot from the session, but, wow, was I wrong!  Yes, there are nutrition and exercise classes as a part of the program, but it is Hether that is helping to make the changes I need to inprove my health.  From the very beginning, Hether has been supportive and inspiring.  Whether a good week or not, Hether is there to make sure that I still move forward and never look back.  While she hasn’t been pushy like the trainers you see on TV, Hether is a great motivator, always with a word of encouragement when needed and she is great at providing me with challenges that are manageable but are always a little out of my comfort zone.  I hope to keep working with Hether in the future as she has been a big part of my success so far and I know that I will see it through to the end with her help!”

– Rick Desmond

“Hether, you are so inspirational in your exercise techniques and not judgmental. The majority of the gals you teach are not only overweight and lacking self-esteem, but they need hope. You treat each of us with respect and inspire us to “do better a day at a time”. No gimmicks, no fast starvation diets, just eating clean and learn to believe in yourself that you “can do it.”

Although the “Biggest Loser” TV show is inspirational, there are many weeks that the trainers really get “on” the contestants. I like that your teaching methods are positive and not confrontational. Instead you encourage everyone to take baby steps in improving their diet and exercise choices.

I see a real future for you to be an inspiration to a LARGE amount of people wanting to get in shape, and not just a small intimate circle. I think this is your calling. Let’s all get the word out there ….. that Hether Crawford is the gal to keep you motivated!!!!”

– Linda Lyons

“Hether truly cares about the well-being of others! Her true passion is evident by the way she devotes her time and efforts to researching new and innovative ways to motivate children and adults to make strides towards a healthier lifestyle. There is no “cookie cutter” method when Hether works with her clients.  She leads from the heart and gives each individual the right plan for their needs.”

– Sue Ann Cordell

Hether, I’m serious when I say how much I look forward to your workouts. You make it fun but grueling! I don’t converse with anyone at [my gym], but your workouts give me the chance to socialize also. I love it! You are a blessing!

– RD Brown


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