Weekly Challenge – 11.01.10

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend!  My family had a great time with lots of fun activities.  But now, it’s time to work off all that “fun”! Don’t skip those daily workouts this week!

The challenge this week is about candy: Get rid of it!  Let yourself/kids enjoy some candy for a couple days and then get rid of it.  I know this is a really tough challenge for some of you because candy is expensive, and because it’s “wasteful”.  But having it in the house just sets you up to give in to the temptation and eat that “poison in pretty paper”. Moderation is key!  Enjoying your Halloween weekend, and then removing all the candy is a great lesson in moderation and self-control for yourself and your kids.  At the end of this article is a GREAT way to get rid of that candy while making a few extra dollars!

Why do we need to toss the candy? The majority of sweets are made exclusively from refined sugar which has absolutely zero nutritional value. You may as well be eating cardboard.

But a much greater problem of refined sugar, is that it builds up in the blood (as glucose) to such an extent that much of it is eventually stored by the body – it cannot do anything else with it! This stored glucose then transforms itself into fat and that extra fat obviously causes weight gain.

The refined sugar in sweets also plays havoc with you’re energy levels (giving you a quick boost followed by a huge slump) which can lead to everything from headaches and excessive perspiration to more series disorders such as Type II diabetes.


A lot of dentists are participating in Halloween Candy Buy Back – a program where they pay a dollar  for a pound of candy hoping to spare kids the excess sugar that harms their teeth. They send the candy to troops overseas. Check to see if there’s one in your area! This is a great way to teach the kids about treats in moderation. Plus, what kid doesn’t want a few extra dollars?

We need to put our health first (and our children’s), and candy has no part in a healthy lifestyle.  We can all do this!!  Ready, Set, GO!


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