Weekly Challenge – 11.15.10

This week’s challenge focuses on our abdominal muscles. While it is not possible to spot reduce, isolating our abs is a great step to a flatter, tighter midsection. This week, try to complete this ab circuit once every day. This simple circuit works every area of your abdominal muscle group!

1. Basic Crunches
2. Lying Leg raises
3. Bicycle Crunches

Do 20 reps of each exercise. You don’t have to complete this challenge all at once. Get some reps in when you have time throughout the day. Ready, Set, GO!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – 11.15.10

  1. Vernae Coffee says:

    Thanks Heather,

    These are great for the area that has been most challenging for me.

    Much Love & Blessings,

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