Weekly Challenge – 12.20.10

Christmas is this Saturday!  I don’t know about you, but my week is full!  So many fun Christmas activities with family and friends, and the kids are out of school.  It’s such an exciting week! But even with all these fun events we have going on around the holidays, there is NO excuse for missing our workouts!

Last week was the week of 100’s, but this week we are keeping it short and simple – 50 of everything!

Monday – 50 Jumping Jacks (beginners – step out while moving your arms in jumping jack motion)

Tuesday – 50 Squat Jumps (beginners – squat and reach)

Wednesday – 50 Burpees (beginners – hands on wall, jump feet out wide and back together)

Thursday – 50 Tuck Jumps (beginners – squats with feet shoulder width apart)

Friday – 50 Mountain Climbers (beginners – hands on wall, quick lunges)

You have all day to get in the 50 reps, so do them throughout the day as you have time. This is a simple, easy way to get your cardio in this week without doing a full workout, so there is NO EXCUSE for not doing it! We can all do this…Ready, Set, GO! (And MERRY CHRISTMAS!)


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