Healthy Christmas Tree

I found this online here yesterday, and just had to share.  It’s so cute!  What a creative way to serve a healthy snack that kids will think is fun to eat! This is a great site for finding ways to play with your food! Thanks for posting such fun ideas!

Healthy Christmas Tree

O Snap Pea Tree, O Snap Pea Tree…


Snap Pea Christmas Tree

~ Snap Peas ~ Cheese ~ Pretzel Stick ~

Snap peas are a fun fresh veggie snack that my kids enjoy. They are super easy to arrange on a plate in the shape of a tree. Add a cheese star (cut with a cookie cutter) and a pretzel stick trunk and your healthy snack just got a whole lot more fun!

Bonus idea: cut out cheese circles for ornaments and let your little one “decorate” the tree before eating it!


~ Bon Ap[petite] ~


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