Weekly Challenge – 12.27.10

I had a great Christmas! I hope that you all had time to relax and enjoy your families as much as I did!  But now, it’s time to get back to work. 🙂 This week’s challenge is two parts.

The nutritional part of this week’s challenge is to eat breakfast every day this week within an hour of waking.

Seated Obliques Twists

This a great total core exercise that focuses on the obliques. Sitting on the ground with knees slightly bent, and abs engaged, hold your hands in front of your chest as if holding a ball. Twist your upper body from side to side (you can tap the ground next your hip on each side). Variations include lifting feet off the ground (which engages all the core muscles), and adding weight.  You can add weight by holding a medicine ball, a weighted plate, a dumbbell, or even a heavy book. Here is a great Instructional Video for this move! Do sets throughout the day whenever you get a chance. Remember you don’t have to do all of them at once.

Beginners – do  30 every day this week with feet on the ground and no weight (add small weight and keep feet on the ground if this move becomes easy later in the week)

Intermediate – do 60 every day this week with feet up or down and added weight

Advanced – do 100 every day this week with feet up and added weight

Don’t over-do it! Don’t try to do the advanced levels if you are a beginner – it will only lead to frustration and/or injury. You will know you are ready to move up a level when you can easily do more reps than recommended. We can all do this! Ready, Set, GO!


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