New Year’s Resolution?

The number one New Year’s Resolution each year is to get in shape.  Did you make that resolution last year? And did you reach your fitness goals in 2010? The majority of those that make this resolution start off doing great, but then end up back in their same habits within the first month.  Why is that?

When making a new year’s resolution to get in shape, our expectations are unrealistic, our goals too large. Instead of making a resolution for the year, we need to set smaller, attainable goals.  Once we reach that first goal, set another attainable goal.  By making small changes throughout the year to reach these smaller goals along the way, we WILL stick to our resolution and reach our fitness goals by the end of 2011! I always say “Your lifetime of fitness starts with today’s choices!”

Tips for goal setting: If you did not reach your fitness goals in 2010, sit down and ask yourself what you need to do differently this year.  Do you need to focus on working out more? Do you need to focus on better nutrition? Or both? Then set some small goals that you can easily reach like – Eating breakfast every day for a week, or doing 20 minutes of cardio 5 days this week, etc. Once you reach these goals, build on them until you are eventually living a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain throughout the year.

How to start an exercise routine.

What is Clean Eating?

Starting a health journal.

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