Weekly Challenge – 1.10.11

I have another two-part challenge for you this week.  The first part involves helping ourselves improve our health while we are helping those who are hungry right in our own communities. If you have not pledged in this season’s Pound For Pound Challenge – DO IT TODAY!!  If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, PLEASE pledge under team name: Lakeshore.  This will ensure the donations come to our local Second Harvest Food Bank.  But wherever you are in America today, TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

For our physical challenge, I’m going back to an oldie, but a goodie – Push-ups and Sit-ups! We are going to add variations each day to work different muscles each day. Beginners can do the push-ups on their knees as a modified move.  Each day I want beginners to do 30 of each, intermediate to do 50 of each, and advanced to do 75 of each.  Remember that you don’t have to do all of these at once.  You have all day each day to complete this challenge!

Monday – Standard (hands shoulder-width apart) push-ups & Full sit-ups.

Tuesday –  Wide hands (wider than shoulder-width) push-ups & Crunches.

Wednesday – Close hands (hands together in a diamond shape)  push-ups & Oblique twist crunches.

Thursday – Incline push-ups & Bicycle crunches.

Friday – Decline push-ups & Straight leg sit-ups.

This is a really fun challenge, using the same basic moves, but changing them up to work our whole core!  We can all do this…Ready, Set, GO!!


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