Weekly Challenge – 1.31.11

Wow, I can’t believe January has already come and gone! I am excited about a whole new month of challenges and progress!

This week’s challenge is nutritional:

NO FAST FOOD all week long. I know that fast food restaurants are working hard to provide healthier choices for you at the drive-through.  And while that is a great thing for consumers, the purpose of this challenge is not about the quality of food, but about making your own food. When we take the time to prepare and pack our own food for the day, we are more conscious of what we are eating, we learn ways to add variety to our diets, and we work on time management. We are educating ourselves on how much food we really need to sustain us all day. Plus the simple act of preparing your own food gives you a sense of control. It causes you to enjoy your food instead of rushing to eat your drive-thru meal.

Here are some tips for preparing for your day: Eating Clean On The Go


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