Weekly Challenge – 3.14.11

Can you keep your legs straight and your heels on the ground while you reach down and put your hands on the floor? This is an area that I struggle with, and I know a lot of you do too: Flexibility! This week’s challenge is meant to improve our flexibility. Aside from feeling better overall, if you have any musculo-skeletal problems ( like back or neck problems) stretching can help alleviate the possibility of aggravating or reinjuring something. It also lets your body pump blood better to the muscles and nerves, and by being loose overall, you stand a better chance of not being injured if you play sports or are doing something physical.

Stretching, though often overlooked, plays a vital role in keeping muscles and joints strong and pliable so they are less susceptible to injury. Thats why its such an important part of warming up before physical activity and cooling down after.

Spending a few minutes a day doing slow, deliberate stretches can also help you manage stress more effectively giving you a chance to momentarily shut off outside stressors, and focus, physically and mentally, on your activity.

Spend 15 minutes every day this week doing a stretch routine.

Here is a simple ROUTINE, that stretches all the major muscles in your body. You can follow this routine this week, or one that you already are familiar with.  There are plenty of stretching examples available on youtube as well.

And remember – Your stretch point is the point at which you feel the stretch is working but not to the point of feeling pain. Feel the stretch, not the pain. The old saying, “No pain, no gain,” does not apply to stretching.


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