Weekly Challenge – 3.21.12

We had a gorgeous weekend here in Tennessee! I spent as much time as possible outside. So much so, that I did not get around to videoing my challenge! SO instead, this week your challenge is to challenge me!

Post challenges for me in the comment section below, and each day I’ll complete one of YOUR challenges (and challenge you to do it with me)!

Ready, Set, GO!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – 3.21.12

  1. RD says:

    I challenge myself to do 100 squats every day and would love for you to encourage me by saying–“I’m doing my squats.” or reminding me to do them. I really don’t like doing regular squats, but when I did it at the Y with the weights–I damaged my neck and shoulders. Under doctor’s orders–I cannot do squat weights–but I need to do squats to help this backside. 100 everyday starting today Hether–ARE YOU WITH ME?

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