Weekly Challenge – 3.28.11

After a gorgeous, sunny week, we had a cold, rainy weekend here in Nashville! I am so ready for spring weather, especially after that nice teaser we had!!  This week, our challenge is two parts.

Challenge #1: Pick TWO days this week to go meatless. You’ll be surprised at how easy this is! Get creative with your veggies, and add beans and legumes for protein. While I am not a vegetarian, I often skip meat for a day or two to focus on getting all my nutrients from fresh veggies and fruit. Your body will thank you for this quick detox.

Challenge #2: Old-school leg lifts! Get on all fours.  Pick up your right heel behind you toward the ceiling. In a quick, pulsing movement, push your heel up and down toward the ceiling. Complete your reps, and then repeat with left leg.

Beginners – 3 sets of 10 (on each leg)

Intermediate – 3 sets of 20 (on each leg)

Advanced – 3 sets of 30 (on each leg)

Remember you don’t have to complete this challenge all at once.  Get some reps in when you have a free minute during the day.  We can all do this – Ready, Set, GO!!


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