Weekly Challenge – 3.4.11

This week’s challenge is one of my favorites because it doesn’t take much time, and it’s easy to add to your existing routine. It’s a super-charged cardio circuit, and if you do it first thing in the morning, it’s sure to wake you and your metabolism up! If you are not sure how to do one of the exercises, you can click on it to see a video.

Do everything in this list in a row 25 times with no break in between:

Jog in place (30 seconds to warm up)

Jumping Jacks

High knees (right, left=one)

Mountain Climbers (right, left=one)

Squat Jumps


Burpees (with a jump at the end)

Jump Rope (slowing down)

Jog in place (slowly for 30 seconds to cool down)

Keep moving slowly (walk around) until your heart rate comes all the way back down to normal.

This challenge does need to be completed all at once everyday, but should only take around 5-15 minutes. Don’t skip your other workouts this week, just add this in every day. It’s a quick little blast of hard core calorie burning that will rev up your metabolism! We can all do this every day…Ready, Set, GO!


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