Spring is Here, and So Are New Classes!


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here, and So Are New Classes!

  1. Alisa Guffey says:

    Hether, Vicki Oberg referred me to you. She is my office Manager. Are you familiar with any farms in Middle TN that sell/package grass-fed beef? Good sorces for organic veggies other than Farmers Market…Thanks!

    Alisa Guffey

  2. hethermc says:

    My favorite way to get fresh, in-season, organic veggies is through my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)! I get a share, fresh off the farm (within hours of harvesting), every week. I use Delvin Farms. They have several convenient pick up locations. However Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are also great places to get organic veggies. Not as fresh, but they do try to buy locally – read the signage to find out where it comes from.

    A great resource locally for grass-fed meat is Peaceful Pastures. They offer a CSA as well, or you can go and buy like you would at a store. I have never participated in this one as I don’t buy a lot of meat, but I have heard great things. They are recommended by Delvin Farms. Again, Trader Joe’s is a good place to run in if you just need a little.

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