Weekly Challenge – 11.7.11

This week’s challenge is a great cardio/strength combination! Step Ups are great for building lean muscle in your thighs and strengthening your knees. We can add cardio too by doing several reps in a row, and getting our heart rate up.  All you need is a box, a step or a bench. If you have stairs in your house, these work great too! Step up onto the box with your right foot, then your left.  Step down with your right foot then your left. (Switch it up, and lead with your left foot some too.) Do this as quickly as you can to make this a great cardio and strength exercise!

Beginners – do 50 or more step ups every day this week.

Intermediate – do 75 or more step ups every day this week.

Advanced – d0 100 or more step up every day this week.

On the first episode of Biggest Loser Season 10, the contestants did a step up challenge, completing 500 step ups at one time! Compete with yourself to make it fun! See how many reps you can do in 1 minute, and then try to up your speed all week.

Here is a video of someone taking a 1 minute step up challenge: Step Up Challenge

We can all do this! Ready, Set, GO!!


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