Weekly Challenge – 11.15.11

This week’s challenge (better late than never!) is Alligator Crawls.

Get down in a pushup position.  Lower yourself until your arms are at a 90 degree angle.  Keeping your torso straight, use your hands and toes to walk across the floor. Go all the way across one room.  Take a quick break and go back across.  Beginners can modify this move by keeping your arms straight. Everyone go across one room 10 times every day this week!  Remember you don’t have to complete this challenge all at once- you have all day.  Whenever you have some free time, alligator crawl across the room.  But be careful, your coworkers might think you’re a little crazy! 🙂

Here is a great instructional video. We can all do this.  Ready, Set, GO!


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