My 2013 Healthy and Fit Christmas List

Whether you are trying to find that perfect gift for someone on your list, or you’re looking for things to add your own wish list, these fun Health & Fitness items are sure to be gifts everyone will want to receive – and there’s something for everyone’s budget!

Perfect for anyone on your list: A gift certificate for Hether Crawford Fitness of course! 🙂 Available in any increment. Great for anyone on your list that wants to make 2014 their best year yet! Contact me to get yours today or purchase online here.

Keep reading for some great gift ideas…

BY Price:

Perfect Fit Protein & Blender Bottle Combo  at $60

Great for all those busy people on your list!  The website also has a lot of great recipes to help you use your protein – even in baking! New for 2013 – CHOCOLATE!!

Perfect Fit Protein by Tone It Up™ provides clean, organic, plant-based nutrition – and helps to burn fat, shape a lean physique and aid in muscle recovery. Our formulation and philosophy revolve around simple and clean nutritional principles: high quality, natural ingredients without compromise. Perfect Fit Protein isn’t bloated with artificial chemicals, colors and sweeteners. Take a look at the ingredients on other protein labels. If you can’t pronounce them, you shouldn’t put them in your body.

Shineworthy Fine Tea Gift Set starting at $35

SHINEWORTHY Fine Tea makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!  We are delighted to offer our customers only the highest quality and most flavorful teas directly from growers around the world. Our teas come from single-estates and have been harvested using traditional techniques, as well as blends enhanced with fruits, flowers, spices, natural flavors and pure essential oils. Whether hot or iced, tea provides more than just great taste. Scientific studies suggest many health benefits from a daily cup. We are committed to bringing you the best-tasting teas, along with quality service. Let every cup take you to a place of enjoyment!The sets come in a variety of price ranges. You can also create your own custom gift by shopping anywhere on our site and adding gift wrap to your order.

Apple EarPods with remote and mic $29.00

These EarPods are amazing! Perfect for playing whatever music motivates you in your workouts.

The Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic are designed to rest comfortably inside — and stay inside — a variety of ear types. The audio quality is so superior, they rival high-end headphones that cost much more. And you can use the improved remote to adjust volume, control music and video playback, and answer or end calls on your iPhone.

Effortless Real Food – Taking the Kitchen Approach to Health $18.95

This is the PERFECT gift for anyone on your list!  I mean, we all have to eat, right? And this cookbook was written by a dear friend of mine – GO ORDER IT NOW!! 🙂

Effortless Real Food, taking the kitchen approach to health by Wendi Michelle shows that healthy foods don’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Packed with healing recipes that nourish the body, Wendi demonstrates that healthy foods can be delicious and healing at the same time. Whether your journey to health has you avoiding gluten, limiting meats, or focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, Effortless Real Foods brings simplicity to the kitchen with menus everyone will love.


For the men on your listFitDeck Cards at $14.95

FitDeck is a unique deck of Exercise Playing Cards that makes exercise more simple, convenient, and fun. Never spend another minute trying to decide what kind of exercises to do. FitDeck does the thinking for you. Just shuffle, draw, and go.

For the women on your listMassage  – price varies

Effective in moving toxins out of – and loosening up – muscle tissue, increasing joint flexibility and even improving long-term performance if done on a regular basis. Who doesn’t love a good massage come the cold of January? It’s the ultimate gift of luxury and health.

For the younger kids on your listCranium Hullabaloo Game at $45.00

Hullabaloo will get the whole family moving. As kids ages four and up bounce, spin, and jump between the colorful pads, they’ll learn new shapes, colors, and words. They’ll also hone their listening skills –especially when they “freeze” and wait to see if they’re a winner at the end. Though it’s geared towards kids ages four and up, even two-year olds will want to play along. Though kids can play Hullaballoo among themselves, parents will enjoy the silliness and the exercise!

For the older kids on your listAerobic Spring Ball at $20.00

The Spring Ball is a great aerobic workout for any age. It works like a mini trampoline for great fun and exercise and teaches balance and coordination.

For the traveler on your list: The On-the-Go Blender at $30.00

Take your favorite smoothies and protein shakes with you!

Merry Christmas Shopping Everyone!



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