T30 for Kids!

After a discussion about nutrition, which we have often because he’s smart and curious, my 11 year old son decided he wants to do the T30 Challenge with me until Thanksgiving! I told my 16 year old daughter, and she is on board too!  My son is so excited, and he wanted to be in one of my videos.  So he scripted and directed this video about how easy it is to make his breakfast everyday! 🙂 Watch our “All About That Shake” video here.

A lot of people ask how I pack lunches for them on this challenge, so I’m going to post our lunches here each day (so check back often!). 

Week 1:IMG_6337

Monday: Cucumbers and vegan mayo on Ezekiel bread, carrots, grapes, and Power Date BallsIMG_6373 Tuesday: Carrots, broccoli and hummus, pineapple, hard-boiled egg. IMG_6419

Wednesday: Mixed greens salad with berries and almonds, organic raspberry ving dressing, veggie chips and salsa.  IMG_6527Thursday: Ezekiel bread with organic peanut butter and apple slices, broccoli, clementines, hard-boiled egg.IMG_6547Friday: celery and peanut butter, power date balls, clementine, grapes.

Week 2 – 

IMG_6644Tuesday (we were out of school Monday): peanut butter on a brown rice cake, broccoli, power date balls, banana and leftover UGA jello 🙂FullSizeRenderWednesday: Salad with spinach, kale, almonds and blackberries with a raspberry ving. dressing. Carrots, Juice Plus Chewables, Complete Power Balls, pineapple.IMG_6679Thursday: celery and peanut butter, lentils, apple, clementine.

Week 3 –

IMG_6805Monday: carrots, cucumber, hummus, grapes, hard-boiled egg, Complete Power Ball IMG_6813Tuesday: egg & kale mini muffins, sweet potato cinnamon fries, Complete Power Ball, apple IMG_6836Wednesday: Kale Salad, peanut butter on brown rice cake, pineapple, gluten free peppermint Jo Jo’s (Trader Joes)  IMG_6866Thursday: grapes, veggie chips and salsa, hard-boiled egg, cashew/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds

FullSizeRender Friday: Kale Salad, clementines, carrots, celery and Peanut Butter


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