New Year’s Revolution

Yes, you read that title correctly – I’m not making a new year’s resolution, I am planning a new year’s REVOLUTION!  By setting clear, attainable goals, I plan to make 2015 my best year yet, and I’d love to take you with me!!

January is typically a VERY busy month in gyms…everyone starts the year out with a resolution to get “skinny/healthy/fit”.  The gym is super crowded for the whole month of January, and then what happens?  It very quickly gets back to normal. Why is that?  I think there are 3 major reasons.

1.  People are making a very vague, general resolution.  There is a big difference in saying, “This year I’m going to lose weight” and saying “This year I’m going to lose 5 pounds a month.”  Or “This year I’m going to get healthy” and “This year, I’m going to get off of my high blood pressure medication.”  Or “This year I’m going to get fit.” and “I’m going to run a 5k in March.”  

We need to set specific, attainable goals!  Goals that have a clear path to achieving. A goal that has no plan is sure to remain unattainable. But if we set specific goals, and make a detailed plan of how to reach it, we will be much more successful!  

2. Most people only focus on one form of health, which makes reaching their health and fitness goals so much harder. When you look at overall health, there are 3 major facets: Physical, Mental and Spiritual.  Set goals in each of those areas instead of just one to see quicker results. And don’t leave out the nutrition portion of your Physical resolution – nutrition is THE most important part of the equation, and typically the hardest to get under control.  One small change at a time will lead to big changes!  My favorite one small change is Juice Plus – I recommend it to EVERYONE.

3. It’s not easy to go from sedentary to active.  For a lot of people, it’s embarrassing to walk into the gym, not knowing how to use equipment or really what to do.  And for some, it’s even terrifying! If you have gone through a weight loss journey, think about how you felt on day one…I read this last year at this time from Holly Joy McCabe on Facebook “Man. I’ve already seen a handful of hateful “anti New Years resolutioners” posts and its a little disappointing. First, sure its inconvenient to be in an over crowded gym with a bunch of newbies who normally only last a month before they throw in the towel. I get it. But maybe if these people didnt feel so out of place, awkward and unwanted in January they would last a little longer. So, just a thought for all you seasoned lifters who are used to running the gym 365 days a year, maybe reach out to a newbie and offer encouragement or some advice even (if its warranted and welcomed) and see if that person isn’t a little more inclined to stick with things. Someone else attempting to become healthier and more fit shouldn’t be such an inconvenience to anyone.”

My absolute favorite feedback that I get about Hether Crawford Fitness is that it feels like a big family…a community that supports, encourages and lifts each other up on a daily basis.  While we are not a typical gym, I LOVE this fact that we all rally around each other.  Goals are much more easily met with you’ve got support and encouragement!

If you are someone who is making a health/fitness New Year’s Resolution, you can find a community of support here!  We offer group fitness classes throughout the week and personal one-on-one training, as well as nutrition workshops and more.  And when you walk in, you won’t feel intimidated, you will feel welcomed into our family! Let me help you turn your New Year’s Resolution into a New Year’s REVOLUTION!!2015


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