New Beginnings

Its April 1 and spring in definitely in the air here in Nashville! I typically see an increase in class attendance in the month of April because the warmer weather and longer days reminds us that summer is just around the corner. In just 60 days most kids are out of school and families are ready for grilling, picnics and swimming! Wait, swimming?! I’m not ready! What have I been doing all winter?! 🙂 If this is what just went through your mind, then this post is for you. 😉

April 1 is the perfect time to make some small changes to your diet and exercise regiment to help you feel more confident this summer! Seasoned fitness enthusiasts can tweak just a little to help them break a plateau, and beginners this is the perfect time to get started! And can’t we ALL do a little better with our eating habits?

My tips for taking advantage of April and its new beginnings:

springintosummer1. Get outside! Make a point to have at least one outdoor workout every week. Go for a walk or run, take your mat outside for some stretching, find an outdoor Bootcamp, etc. The vitamin D lifts your mood and gives you energy!

dumbbells2. Do less cardio. What?! Yes, LESS cardio and more strength training! Most of the time when we want to lose weight we do extra cardio. And while this can start that weight loss process, it cannot sustain it. Cardio not only burns fat, but it also burns muscle. But muscle is what burns the most fat! When we strength train we are building lean muscle that will help us shed that extra body fat. (Ladies, don’t worry, you are not able to look like a man by simple lifting weights!)

allprods3. Triple your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables! It’s the season – produce will start to be abundant and we need to take advantage of it. The daily recommended intake is 7-13 SERVINGS (handfuls) of fruits and veggies every single day. And if you exercise? That number goes up to 16-18! So FILL YOUR PLATES with color at every meal. No deprivation, only abundance! I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to get even close to that recommended intake on a daily basis. I have found something amazing that my whole family has been using for 4 years now to bridge that gap. We get close to 30 servings of fruits and veggies in our bodies now every single day. We will definitely use Juice Plus for the rest of our lives! The best part? YOU can too!

water-glass-pour4. Guzzle water! I know that when it gets warm outside we tend to want pretty iced drinks. Drinks on a patio with friends, or refreshing juices and iced teas are a fun warm weather treat, but we HAVE to up our water intake. There is not room in this post to even list all the benefits! We want to drink enough water to keep our urine clear. That’s different for everybody, but a good general rule of thumb is half your bodyweight in ounces every day.

If we focus on these 4 things for the next 60 days we will be so much more healthy, vibrant, energetic and confident this summer!!


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