Resolutions in the New Year

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I love setting new goals for the new year!

I just LOVED this post from Erin Brown and had to re-share it: “New years: the only time of year we collectively set goals or actually make fun of people setting goals. So silly. It makes sense with the passing of a year to do some evaluating and regrouping. It’s also a new season. And many of us just had some sort of holiday break and are moving back to routine. It’s an AMAZING time to reevaluate your direction, habits and choices. Or not. Maybe you are on a great path and “keep going” is all there is to do. Wonderful. In either case there is always next Tuesday (and any old time) which will also be great for regrouping and redirection. Whether your introspection happens in correspondence with the new year or not, I’m behind you. Your life, character, daily choices are all yours to make. It takes some courage to take an honest look at all of that and take responsibility for your own course. Any time is a wonderful time to be accountable and deliberate about your life. I dig it.”

If you are setting goals for the new year, here are some tips for creating ones that you will stick with and achieve:

  1. Start by making a big goal – one that seems scary and may even take you way more than a year to accomplish.  Why? Because it’s fun to DREAM BIG!! And it helps show you what you are passionate about.  I LOVE having a goal that seems so far away and that I can dream about – really picture in my mind it coming true. It fuels me to stay excited about my future!
  2. Look at that big goal and find ways to break it into smaller goals that you can achieve throughout the year (or as long as it takes).  Example: I want to take a really big trip to the Maldives and stay in an on the water bungalow! I dream about it all the time and have a pinterest board dedicated to it. 🙂 But what would it take to get there? Money and time away.  So how can I break this big dream in to smaller goals? Setting goals in my business that will create financial freedom and time flexibility, and sacrificing things to save money.
  3. Get REALLY clear and specific with those smaller goals.  In order to reach these smaller goals of financial freedom and time flexibility what do I need? I need to save money and be debt free.  Ok, now I’m getting somewhere!  Now I can start making some really specific goals – how much do I want to pay each month to become debt free? How much do I want to save each month in order to fund my trip one day?
  4. Create an action plan! Ok, so now I know how much I want to pay off and save, how do I do that? I’ve gotta have a plan if I’m gonna stick to this.  I like to create a weekly and monthly action plan.  What activity do I need to do each week in my business in order for it to grow?  What do I need to sacrifice each month in order to save money? Again, get really specific and don’t be afraid to be creative.
  5. Don’t focus on a time goal (I want this by this date), but instead focus all your attention on WHAT it will take!  Staying focused on the activity keeps us moving forward, no matter how long it will take.  Some big dreams can easily come true this year and some, like my Maldives trip, will take several years. Action creates productivity!!
  6. Post that dream somewhere you can see it regularly – keep that amazing dream a picture in your mind that fuels your daily activity!

This example is about a financial goal (with an awesome reward!), but the most typical New Year’s resolution is about health/weight loss.  The same principals would apply.  Think about your why (big dream/goal).  Maybe it’s feeling awesome at your high school reunion.  Awesome! What will that take? Get really specific.  Self-care for sure – set those smaller goals in nutrition and exercise and create that action plan! What do you need to do weekly and monthly in order to reach those smaller goals? If you need help in this area I have some amazing challenge groups starting up and I’d LOVE to help you reach your goals #onesimplechange at a time!

I LOVE having a new year to RESET – it always feels so new and exciting!  I think I’m gonna go make a dream board now 🙂 #2016reset



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