Help, They Are Sabotaging My Weight Loss!

You have decided to make healthy changes in your life.  You are eating right and exercising regularly, and the people that you thought would support you the most are actually sabotaging your efforts!  You know the ones – the friends that tell you to “just have a little piece, you only live once!”, or that family member that says “don’t be rude, eat some of aunt sally’s pie.”, and those co-workers that just love to poke fun at your efforts “hope you’re enjoying your lettuce over there while I eat my fries.” We all have these people in our lives, and if getting healthy isn’t hard enough on your own, they certainly don’t help!  So how do you “battle” these people without hurting their feelings? After all, it’s usually the ones closest to you, so you can’t just avoid them.  There’s always a work lunch, or a family get together, or a baby shower, or a night out with the guys, or a girls night out to attend…How can you stick to your new habits and reach your goals with all these people working against you? Continue reading

Resolutions in the New Year

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I love setting new goals for the new year!

I just LOVED this post from Erin Brown and had to re-share it: “New years: the only time of year we collectively set goals or actually make fun of people setting goals. So silly. It makes sense with the passing of a year to do some evaluating and regrouping. It’s also a new season. And many of us just had some sort of holiday break and are moving back to routine. It’s an AMAZING time to reevaluate your direction, habits and choices. Or not. Maybe you are on a great path and “keep going” is all there is to do. Wonderful. In either case there is always next Tuesday (and any old time) which will also be great for regrouping and redirection. Whether your introspection happens in correspondence with the new year or not, I’m behind you. Your life, character, daily choices are all yours to make. It takes some courage to take an honest look at all of that and take responsibility for your own course. Any time is a wonderful time to be accountable and deliberate about your life. I dig it.”

If you are setting goals for the new year, here are some tips for creating ones that you will stick with and achieve: Continue reading