Transform 30 Program

See a quick video of why I’m so excited about this challenge HERE

The Transform 30 (T30) Challenge is a challenge to put self-care at the top of your priority list for 30 days. As busy as we all are in today’s fast-paced life, prioritizing self-care is the most common challenge people face. This is a challenge that ANYONE can participate in because it’s all online! Contact me TODAY to join my T30 Group or to hear more about it!

1393033527490It’s a wonderful time of the year to make a fresh start to a healthier you.  With this program you will nourish yourself at a cellular level with the minerals you need to decrease your cravings while making the the healthiest smoothies possible to assist in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.  The result will be more energy and the willpower to continue to make the healthiest lifestyle decisions possible.

Learn how the right habits can create long-term health and a slimmer you!  Receive complete support during your personal transformation and after.  You will be a member of our vibrant, private Facebook group, with people of all ages and walks of life who are making healthy changes.  Design your own challenge to fit your personal needs, wants and schedule – no matter how hectic life gets!  Receive information and healthy recipes to keep your motivation to eat healthy! 

  • Feel better about your body
  • Increase your energy
  • Make you the priority for the next 30 days
  • Sleep better
  • Slim Down
  • Reduce sugar and salt cravings
  • Increase athletic performance

This challenge is totally customizable to YOUR needs, schedule and budget! 

Average cost:1364832703339

1 Juice Plus+ Complete shake per day and the trio capsules = $4/day

2 Juice Plus+ Complete shakes per day and the trio capsules = $6/day

To achieve your best results, join with a friend or family member to help keep each other inspired! Contact me TODAY to join my T30 Group or to hear more about it!



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