“Hether has been my trainer for several years. I use her for group classes and one-on-one training. The workouts can be grueling and intense, but I cannot tell you how great I feel the next day because I persevered. Even though she pushes me, she doesn’t push me beyond what I am capable of doing at that time. But we eventually get there. Hether also trains me to have better eating habits. As much as I sit and travel in my job, she has educated me on having healthier options. By planning ahead, you can find ways to eat healthier rather than relying on fast food or junk. Come try a few workout sessions and listen to Hether talk about eating healthier. Once you get started, you will not want to stop. I promise.” – John Allen

“As a health-conscious person who dedicates her life to wellbeing, Hether is both a source of education and an inspiration to those whom she touches. That she cares so much and is personally invested in the success of her clients makes training with her an even richer experience.  I’d encourage anybody to try it on for size. Whether you’re at the peak of fitness, or starting the journey toward healthier living, there’s something for everybody at Hether Crawford Fitness. Truly. (Just do yourself and your classmates a solid by being LOUD. You’ll have more FUN…and you just never know when you might be a source of motivation to someone else.)” – Cory Chapman

“I have been attending Hether’s Zumba and Bootcamp classes since February (2014). I have never been excited about working out until I started coming to her classes. She truly takes an interest in your overall health and is willing to share her knowledge about working out, food, and an overall healthy lifestyle. You won’t find this type of relationship at a gym. Her classes have become a staple in my weekly routine. I feel so much better about myself and I also feel much healthier. Hether is a great encourager and she knows exactly how to motivate you when you think you can’t push any further. That is what keeps me coming back. I am excited about working with her more and watching my body transform!” – Kellie Ables

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and being able to work with Hether for nearly 4 years.  She has been instrumental in helping me to begin living a healthier lifestyle through weight loss, better eating habits and exercise.  Hether is very passionate about helping others to become healthy but she is also very compassionate, customizing programs based on age and health concerns.  I would be happy to recommend Hether to anyone interested in starting on a path to better health.” – Rick Desmond

“Hether Crawford Fitness has changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition forever! I started attending classes a year and a half ago and haven’t turned back! I was used to going to random gyms and attending random classes and using machines I didn’t really know how to use. She took a personal interest in me and taught me about exercise and nutrition. I’ve lost many pounds and inches, but more importantly I now eat as clean as possible and take care of my body!  I now not only attend classes, but run 5ks and ran my first Half Marathon in April 2014. I never thought I could do such a thing! Hether has truly been an inspiration to me! She runs such a friendly, personal business. I recommend it to anyone wanting to meet personal fitness and nutrition goals. Hether is a wealth of information and has changed my life!” – Kim Morelock



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