“I began taking classes at Hether Crawford Fitness sporadically in 2011 to supplement my existing gym and running schedule. The casual, no-intimidation atmosphere and friendly faces were motivating in a way many gyms aren’t, and soon my frequency increased. In 2012 and 2013, I had the benefit of personal training with Hether, learning proper weight lifting techniques and form for the first time in my life – and getting challenged to push myself harder than I would have otherwise. Additionally, Hether introduced me to clean eating – shopping for and preparing whole, unprocessed foods – and the benefit of maintaining a meal plan – lessons that  have been invaluable in helping me adopt far better nutritional habits. And perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments I achieved through my association with Hether and her gym came when I began leading boot camp classes first on a substitute basis and then on a regular schedule at HCF. #awesome

As a health-conscious person who dedicates her life to wellbeing, Hether is both a source of education and an inspiration to those whom she touches. That she cares so much and is personally invested in the success of her clients makes training with her an even richer experience.  I’d encourage anybody to try it on for size. Whether you’re at the peak of fitness, or starting the journey toward healthier living, there’s something for everybody at Hether Crawford Fitness. Truly. (Just do yourself and your classmates a solid by being LOUD. You’ll have more FUN…and you just never know when you might be a source of motivation to someone else.)” – Cory Chapman

“I have been attending Hether’s Zumba and Bootcamp classes since February (2014). I have never been excited about working out until I started coming to her classes. She truly takes an interest in your overall health and is willing to share her knowledge about working out, food, and an overall healthy lifestyle. You won’t find this type of relationship at a gym. Her classes have become a staple in my weekly routine. I feel so much better about myself and I also feel much healthier. Hether is a great encourager and she knows exactly how to motivate you when you think you can’t push any further. That is what keeps me coming back. I am excited about working with her more and watching my body transform!” – Kellie Ables

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and being able to work with Hether for nearly 4 years.  She has been instrumental in helping me to begin living a healthier lifestyle through weight loss, better eating habits and exercise.  Hether is very passionate about helping others to become healthy but she is also very compassionate, customizing programs based on age and health concerns.  I would be happy to recommend Hether to anyone interested in starting on a path to better health.” – Rick Desmond

“Hether Crawford Fitness has changed my outlook on fitness and nutrition forever! I started attending classes (i.e. boot camp, cross training, and kickboxing) a year and a half ago and haven’t turned back! I was used to going to random gyms and attending random classes and using machines I didn’t really know how to use. She took a personal interest in me and taught me about exercise and nutrition. I’ve lost many pounds and inches, but more importantly I now eat as clean as possible and take care of my body!  I now not only attend classes, but run 5ks and ran my first Half Marathon in April 2014. I never thought I could do such a thing! Hether has truly been an inspiration to me! She runs such a friendly, personal business. I recommend it to anyone wanting to meet personal fitness and nutrition goals. Hether is a wealth of information and has changed my life!” – Kim Morelock

“Hether, you are so inspirational in your exercise techniques and not judgmental. The majority of the gals you teach are not only overweight and lacking self-esteem, but they need hope. You treat each of us with respect and inspire us to ‘do better a day at a time’. No gimmicks, no fast starvation diets, just eating clean and learn to believe in yourself that you ‘can do it.’

Although the ‘Biggest Loser’ TV show is inspirational, there are many weeks that the trainers really get ‘on’ the contestants. I like that your teaching methods are positive and not confrontational. Instead you encourage everyone to take baby steps in improving their diet and exercise choices.” – Linda Lyons

I see a real future for you to be an inspiration to a LARGE amount of people wanting to get in shape, and not just a small intimate circle. I think this is your calling. Let’s all get the word out there ….. that Hether Crawford is the gal to keep you motivated!!!!”Before deciding to join Hether’s fitness classes I was a 43 year old man weighing 310 lbs. I had a recent scare when I was admitted into the hospital with atrial fibrillation. When I started attending her Bootcamp and Cross Training classes I couldn’t even jog a half mile without stopping and walking. I found myself out of breath after warm-ups before even starting the workout. Hether has worked with me over the last 3 months helping me lose 30 pounds. I am now able to run 7 miles non-stop. My strength and flexibility are better than they have been in 4 years. I have renewed energy that helps me make better food choices as well as add additional workouts on my own. My production at my job has increased and my stress levels have gone down.

Hether has been a huge encourager and personal nutritional advisor. She has helped me deal with injuries and overcome setbacks throughout my weight-loss journey. I encourage everyone who needs to get healthier to seek her help. She cares about each and every one of her clients and is passionate about exercise and nutrition. If I miss a class, she checks on me to make sure everything is ok. She pushes you to succeed as long as you have a desire to succeed. She is always available to email questions or concerns and she takes the time to personally answer every email. She is conscious about limitations due to injuries and will work with you to overcome those things that may be preventing you from attending a gym.
I still have a long way to go on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, but I know that with Hether’s help I will reach my goals. She has been a crucial element on my path to a longer healthier life. I owe her a huge thank you for helping me transform my fitness level over the last 3 months.” – Ben Nelson

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